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Thank you for visiting our blog. Here, you’ll find our thoughts, experiences and what we have learned from our friends and network of colleagues. There is a motive, however: we hope you will join us by sharing your own thoughts, experiences and what you have learned from others. Then we can thank you all over again.

Blog 143: Stand For

Stand for something ... When you stand for something, you and your business benefit. You benefit because going to work...

Blog 142: 3 Steps To Stand Out In A Distracted Crowd

The short answer is .... Accept that CS and CX are not the same things. Personalize and eliminate customer sacrifice...

Blog 140: Love The Hard Stuff

This blog is inspired by something that Dan Fleyshman said the other week. For those of you who don't know...

Blog 138: A Faster Horse

I read something the other day about Steve Jobs that got me thinking. He was commenting on his famous disdain...

Blog 137: Make Better Habits

Aristotle said that we are what we repeatedly do. For too many of us what we repeatedly do is ofter...

Blog 104: Find Your People

We all know that you can't be all things to all people but we are less clear on how...

Blog 138: 4 Critical Errors That Will Put You In The Ditch

Think about your car and all the incredible technology that is built into it to not only make it...

Blog 103: Facts or Stories

Having all the facts on your side is great, but it isn't always enough to win the sale or the...

Blog 101: Worry About Something Else

I know the coronavirus is really serious and important. We should do what our health care professionals are advising. Stay...

Blog 102: Old You - New You

When everything that could go wrong does go wrong you will most likely be the one required to fit it...

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