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Almost 25 years ago, Dennis Moseley-Williams caught a lucky break.

He was standing in the right place at the right time. At that moment, someone asked for his opinion on a significant, multi-million dollar marketing initiative that was about to launch.

With nothing to lose, he said: “I don’t get it. I don’t think anyone else will get it or care, and besides, it’s boring. If I were you, I’d do this instead …”

Luckily for Dennis, the right person asked him that question, and he didn’t sit on Dennis’s advice. He embraced it. He innovated and implemented, and the company saw an immediate result. In fact, the results far exceeded their best hopes. Within days this man and his company came calling, “Who is Dennis? How did he know this? What does he do? Why didn’t we know about him before?”

Dennis Moseley-Williams is one of only two certified Experience Economy experts working in the financial services industry globally. The other is his business partner, Tom Frisby.

Speaking of globally, Dennis has spoken in different countries all around the world.

Dennis is the founder of DMW Strategic Consulting. He started the Serious Shift movement for those of us who are determined to make meaningful, positive and lasting change in our life and business.

Dennis’s company works with entrepreneurs and business owners around the world who are looking to make their life and business a better place.



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Dennis loves thinking about and speaking about customer experience. For 20 years he has been speaking to audiences about how to stage incredible customer experiences, how experience differs from services, and what a business has to do to entice, engage and ensure having clients for life.


Product. Service. Experience.

Which One Are You?

Selling goods and services is no longer enough. What customers value today are experiences, memorable events that engage them in an inherently personal way.

By embracing the principles of the Experience Economy, your work will stand out in a crowded market and attract the right clients for life. Dennis takes audience members through those principles and essential frameworks that matter the most so that you will be able to shift from delivering services to staging experiences that your clients will value and talk about.

Dennis uses his 20 plus years of experience and stories to inspire audiences in an engaging and dynamic style. He is the founder of DMW Strategic Consulting, author of Serious Shift: How Experience Staging Can Save Your Practice, and his blog is read by entrepreneurs around the world. He is a Certified Expert in The Experience Economy (Pine and Gilmore, 2015) and his message remains one of spirited innovation backed by smart processes that lead to sustainable growth and results.

Dennis’s audiences include global financial institutions and firms as well as other industries and organizations in North America and Europe.



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When it comes to revenue growth, today's marketplace can challenge financial advisors in ways that didn't exist all that long ago. Regulatory changes, diminishing profit margins, evolving technologies, and shifting client expectations are some of these new pressures.

Add the ease with which one can now switch advisors and acquire products and information online, and one comes to the following conclusion: the only unique competitive advantage is the exceptional experience an advisor can create for his or her clients. Very successful advisors (VSAs) know this.

They understand that clients are looking for a consistent, memorable and meaningful experience, one that makes the client feel listened to and cared for. They know they must be fully aligned with their clients when it comes to respect, trust and shared purpose...





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